You can come along for 3 weeks without joining and see if it’s for you. There is no need to pay any money or wear a uniform. Just let us know your coming and give us emergency contact details on the form below. Your parents can stay and watch if you want them to. When you come along, you can expect to:

  • have fun
  • try lots of awesome activities
  • make new friends
  • learn about setting goals and working together
  • gain practical life skills


Young people between the ages of 11 and 14 years are welcome to join Scouts. Mont Albert North Scouts meet on Tuesday nights from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Scout Hall at 23-27 Boondara Road, Box Hill North.


Boys and girls (8 to 10 years) can join Cubs. Mont Albert North Cubs meet on Monday nights from 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm at the Scout Hall.


Younger boys and girls (5 to 8 years) can join Joeys. Mont Albert North Joeys meet on Monday nights from 5.45 pm to 6.45 pm at the Scout Hall.


For Scouts or Cubs, the cost is $390 per annum (June 30-June 30) which is about $10 per week. This includes insurance and covers our outgoings for normal hall based activities each week. You will also need to purchase a Scout Shirt or Cub Shirt from the Scout Shop  ($35). Your scarf & woggle will be provided. Camps and external activities are optional but incur additional charges at cost.

Pro rata discounts apply, if joining between Jan-Mar the cost is $196 for membership until the 30th June. Discounts also apply for siblings, children of committee members and leaders. For full details contact us.

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