Why choose Scouts at Mont Albert North?

Growing Group

We have doubled in size in the last year indicating a high retention rate. Currently we have approximately 20 scouts and 20 cubs.


Our members come from Mont Albert, Box Hill, Blackburn and surrounding suburbs. The hall is about equidistant from Koonung secondary, Mont Albert Primary, Birralee Primary and Greythorn Primary.


At Mont Albert North, Scouts do Amazing things

Our scouts do things that other young people only dream about. You will find our scouts:

  • Getting their powerboat licence
  • Waterskiing
  • Snow camping
  • Flying in gliders
  • Journeying on rivers in rafts they make themselves
  • Tree camping
  • Sailing
  • Abseiling
  • Getting Level 2 First aid qualifications

Active, Outdoor Program

We are unusual in our district having a leader qualified to take scouts snow camping and sailing. We do lots of outdoor activities, mostly during spring and summer when we average about two weekend activities per month. Activities planned for this year include canoeing, kayaking, sailing, cross country skiing, flying, rafting, fishing, hiking and camping.

In the 2017-2018 FY the scout section alone ran 23 Weekend Activities and 37 Tuesday Night activities.

Scout Program

Program Quality

There are a number of independent indicators of the quality of our program including our 2018 Quality Scouting Award from Scouts Victoria.

Competitive Results

While scouting values cooperation over competitiveness, it would be remiss not to point out our groups achievements:

  • Winners Boroondara Challenge  2nd Prize overall 2018, 2017, & 2016, winner 2015.
  • Winners “Best decorated Raft” & “Best costumes” 2018.
  • Bronze in Scout Hike 2018,  3rd Place (out of 140 patrols) in the 2015.
  • Two Australian Scout Medallions awarded in 2018. This award is only received by about 4% of Scouts each year.
  • Representative on State youth council 2018.

Our Approach

Our scouts set their objectives and program themselves. They get to experiment with being in charge of their lives, but always with leaders checking that they are managing the risks properly. Unlike most sports, it is never the same from week to week – our scouts are always pushing us do new things. In the past the scouts have wanted to learn about pyrotechnics, building a snow cave and promoting the Whitehorse Council’s “Mobile Detox your home service” to improve recycling. As leaders, we help them find the experts they need to learn properly about the things they are interested in.

Parent Involvement Welcomed

We want our scout parents to be part of this active engaged community focused on helping each other and our scouts grow and develop independence, kindness, and a “can do” attitude. Parents are welcome to get involved either in the weekly meetings and/or in special events. In the past year, we have had parents participate in flying, fishing, hiking and camping activities. Parents are also welcome to become leaders and/or to get involved on the Committee.

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